Operating from the spectacular Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado, K0IW is QRV from 160m to 23cm. I enjoy DX'ing, some contesting, VHF weak signal operations, some digital operations and designing and constructing equipment. I have been licensed since 1997, when I first got a technician's ticket. I qualified for advanced in early 1998 and extra about two weeks later, after 'accidentally' passing the 20wpm code test (I took it on a whim). My first love was 6m weak signal operations, but I have been active on HF since getting my advanced ticket. I primarily operate CW, but will operate any mode, any band I can when I have time.
K0IW's station consists of the following:
  • IC775DSP
  • FT736R
  • 2xFT1500
  • IC270
  • Highly reworked AL1200
  • Homebrew 600W 6M SS amplifier
  • Homebrew 600W HF Amplifier
  • RFC 4-110 70cm Amplifier
  • TH6DX @ 50ft
  • 80m T-wire 30 radials
  • 40m-80m-160m trapped inverted V @45ft
  • G5RVJr @40ft
  • M2 6ELE 6m @ 48ft
  • 2x 23cm 6WL phased @30ft
  • Various VHF/UHF verticals
  • Palstar AT1500
  • Hal DXP38 RTTY Modem
  • KPC 9612Plus
  • KPC 3
  • Kent Key (the best!)
  • Heil headset/mike
  • GS800 rotor (HF)
  • GS450 rotor (VHF/UHF)
  • 'Puter
K0IW operating awards
  • DXCC (mixed)
  • DXCC (CW)
  • DXCC (Phone)
  • DXCC (40m)
  • DXCC (10m)
  • VUCC 6m
  • WAS (mixed)
ARRL Life Member
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